If we judged ourselves honestly we would not be judged.

1 Corinthians 11: 31


How honest are you with yourself? In truth, how real, insightful, probing, and comprehensive are your regular examination of the inner workings and the outer expression of your life? Even people who are in touch with themselves and who have incredibly open personalities will struggle with this sort of exacting inward look. When we look closely at ourselves, we will all find too much that is simply ugly. Yet, God wants us to face all of the shortcomings, anger, fear, and arrogance that have taken up residence in the heart that He designed and that He intends to be a pure expression of His heart. Christ then leads us into examining ourselves with the sort of honest clarity that leads to cleansing.


We are never alone in this self examination, either, for the Spirit of Christ talks to us about these very issues. However, for me, actually listening to the Spirit’s voice is the hard part of the conversation. I always seem to have an opinion and an excuse for what is being revealed. So, I need to keep reminding myself to listen, stay calm and still, and take to heart the words of truth that God shows me through His word, family and friends, and the Spirit.


The act of yielding my will and of allowing this process of purification access to my inner self can be very hard and painful, but the result is one of deep growth in my relationship with the Lord. As God clears my heart of these issues, His healing grace prevails. He replaces those sinful thoughts and desires with His loving presence, and I am set free to live in the center of Christ’s victory.