“Why do you contend with Me?

You have all transgressed against Me.” declares the Lord.

Jeremiah 2: 29


Here is a losing proposition for you. Determine to wage war against God. Go ahead and try it. It is something that has been going on throughout history, and the results have been constantly the same. In every case, God wins. In fact, He has been gracious enough to give us the result of the grand conflict that will occur when all of our earthly history reaches its conclusion. In the end, or if you will, in the new beginning, God is victorious, Satan is destroyed. Christ reigns over all. The outcome is an undisputed, without split decision or controversy, the conclusion sees defeat for all that is evil and anti-God.


So, why is it that we all work so hard to fight with God? We may not say it in those terms, but the fact is that all people do it. We start out in life in a state of antagonism with Him, and we continue in this way for a length of time that varies for each of us. Some never surrender and stay in opposition to God for all of eternity. Others recognize Christ as our Savior and accept His invitation to lay down our arms and receive the total amnesty that God grants to us out of His love and desire for reconciliation. Yet, even after that heart and soul surrender, we still contend with God. We allow our shallow and selfish desires control over our minds and our actions. We grow restless and impatient with the splendor of the Kingdom of God, and we roam far and wide in an attempt to taste the momentary delights of the world.


So, God, Himself, pleads with us, and He asks, “Why?” To continue to war with God is futility. It is painful, and it is selfishly damaging to those around us. God demands our total surrender. If we are to follow Him then we are not granted the right to hold onto portions of our old ways. We must accept God’s truth, light, and healing and the way of eternal righteousness as our new identities. Herein lays the challenge, for we humans are not very good at total surrender. However, we have a model, and we have a leader for this hard road. Christ surrendered all when He came into our world as one of us. He gave up His power and position so that He could endure agony in forms that are incomprehensible to me so that I could join in God’s victory over this world. Surrender is possible in Christ. True peace with God comes through Christ and thus becomes the new state of our souls