O Lord, God of my salvation, I cry out day and night before You.

Psalm 88: 1


We humans tend to want to look so very cool in the way that we go about our lives. After all, image is everything. Perception is reality. Looking like we are in control will lead to control. There are so many ways to spin this idea that considering them makes my head spin. Yet, for most of us, life is not lived in total control; rather, much of it is lived in a state of abject terror at the prospect of crashing ingloriously to earth. As we live in a world where chaos is continually attempting to gain the upper hand, we are fighting against the forces of nature to maintain any Godly order, reason and truth that we can grasp hold of. This is the perspective of the Psalmist as he cries out to God.


It would seem that the shadows of evil are creeping all around him. His story also speaks to the fact that he has contributed to their presence by his own thoughts and actions. The writer of the psalm has not lived a pure and blameless life. He is far too human for that. He is one of us! Yet, he knows that he has been wrong, for he recognizes his own sinfulness which has invited in the evil that was waiting for the opportunity to enter into his life. Now he feels alone and abandoned. He is lost and without resources for recovery. He has reached that well noted end of his rope and there are still hundreds of feet of descent left until he reaches solid ground again. This is the sort of place where we all have been if we are being honest about what is going on in our world.


It is from this position of helpless distress that the Psalmist cries out to God. He does it with a passion and an intensity that abandons polished language and careful expression. He bares his soul to the only one in the universe who truly understands what he is feeling. In his need, he surrenders appearances and gives in to his honest need for God’s intervention. I believe that this is what God desires for all of His people to do. When we are on our knees before the Mighty King we tend to become quiet enough to clearly listen to His voice. As we stretch out flat on the floor in complete surrender, we seem to be more receptive to doing what the Lord commands. The Lord, God Almighty, yearns to hear our pleas, and He is loving and just in His response.