Thus says the Lord:

“This is the one to whom I will look: he who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at my word.”

Isaiah 66: 2b


There is an unending dialogue that takes place inside of my own mind. This sort of self conversation happens on a rather continual basis, and it revolves around the tension that exists between my own skills and competency and my deep-seated insecurities. On the one hand I am drawn toward the strengths that God has allowed me to gain, but on the other stands insecurity, doubt and fear. The human tendency in these situations is to either charge ahead trusting my own abilities or it is to shrink away from the task at hand doing nothing. Neither of these approaches guarantees the best of outcomes.


As I look at this functional conflict in life, I am faced with another practical dichotomy. It is true to state that the Lord equips and empowers us with what we need to face all that life brings our way. It is also true that God desires for us to continually and fully recognize and be submissive to our total neediness, to our complete reliance upon Him. We are fully equipped, capable and confident; yet, we are absolutely incapable of living righteously on our own. The solution to this quandary is found in the fact that God did not create us to be on our own. He desires for people to be involved with Him in a loving and a totally committed relationship. The Lord possesses great gifts that He desires to grant to us as we seek His face and submit to His will.


Perhaps the key to living in a righteously bold manner is found in the resolution of this tension. People need to contemplate and to recognize the many ways that God has gifted us with the blessing of all that we require to follow His will in this life. However, we must also remain completely submitted to that will and to God’s word. True submission is not something to be taken lightly or to be assumed. It is contrary to much of what we are taught and to the way that our culture operates. It is certainly not the language of our public discourse. Yet, in fact, real strength and lasting confidence are based upon an attitude in which we yield our hearts and minds to God in humble submission and recognition of our complete brokenness. As I come before the King with my hands trembling in recognition of my inadequacy in relation to His glory, my Lord takes hold of them, steadies me, and goes forward with me into life.