For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh.

2 Corinthians 10: 3


Just in case this reality has passed you by, let me say this in very simple terms, for children of God, life is lived on a battlefield. There are traps and pitfalls, wounds to bind, fear to overcome, and an aggressive and relentless enemy who opposes us. In order to come through the day with our hearts and minds whole we need to stay close to the source of the truth that equips us for the fight, and the One who leads us through it.


This is where the self-reliant conditioning of a lifetime and the hard work that we have put into developing ourselves comes to odds with God’s way. When we are dealing with the routine and the human aspects of living, it may seem that this approach is more than adequate. So, logic suggests that it is only when the struggle takes on a spiritual dimension that we may need to employ God’s truth to the conflict. The flaw in this concept is that there is no aspect of life in this world that does not have a spiritual component to it. There is nothing that is exempt from the interaction of evil and from resolution through the involvement of the Spirit of Christ.


In order to engage the battle of life fully equipped, we must actively seek God’s truth each and every day. We need to stay covered by it as we go through the day, and keep developing the relationship with Christ that is central to loving His truth. Truth is effective, it works. As truth works in my life, I come to trust it even more; then, as my trust increases, my desire to know more of it does, too. For me the central element in this process of embracing truth; thus, the core element for living in the center of God’s victory each day is found in continually getting to know Christ on a deeper and more intimate level. The better I know Him, the more I realize and accept that His love for me is infinite and that His truth is designed to allow me to dwell in the center of that love.