Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moths nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.

Matthew 6: 20


There are a number of places where I have things stored. My closet is rather full, the pantry is well stocked, and our garage contains way too much stuff. Storing away for that future need is something that I have worked on for most of my life. I am rather good at it, and trust me on this, there is a very good reason behind holding onto every one of the things that is filling my world. No, this is not hording; this is carefully anticipating the future. Alright, there is far more set aside than I will ever use. It is at that point where clutter has overcome utility and where value is lost to mass. Unfortunately, the sort of useless debris that clutters my house is too often symbolic of the nature of the worth of the images, thoughts, and ideas that I collect and store away in my heart and mind. It is also too much like the things that I hold as important and as worthy objects of energy and attention.


This world is filled with information. It is readily available and easily accessed. Some of it is very good to have. A lot of it is of no real use at all. Some of it is truly dangerous. There is also a very wide assortment of things that we can desire and seek to own. Some of it is necessary, some trivial, and some of these things can bring us harm. In all of the areas and ways that we gather and collect, the item of our interest is seldom the real problem. Most of the time we are challenged and struggle with the attitude that is behind the pursuit of it. When the majority of our time is spent on getting what we want and on becoming knowledgeable in how to get it, there is very little time or personal resource left for caring about and loving others. There is little of myself available to Christ for engaging in worship or for doing His will in this world.


God wants His people to spend our time with Him. He desires for us to worship Him. Seeking after God and gazing upon His face is the most worthy and valuable thing that we can do in this life. Seeking God in His Word leads us into the vast storehouse of truth, grace, and wisdom that fills every need that we could possible encounter. The sort of continual conversation that is life-prayer brings understanding and clarity to every situation and aspect that is encountered. As we talk, Christ speaks His absolutely loving righteousness into my frail and damaged heart. He brings courage to a place where only fear had been, and Christ leads me into actions that glorify Him. Our Lord grants us an understanding of His will that should cause us to enter into the lives of others and to value them and their souls as greatly as He does. Thus, here is that great treasure that God wants us to focus all of our energy upon. As we know God, so we come to know His will. As we know His will, we are led to sacrifice all of ourselves so that others will know Him.