Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.

Colossians 3: 12


Almost every day of the year I get up in the morning and soon after that I need to select the clothing that I am going to wear that day. Here is my basic check list to use in reaching a dressing decision; there is the primary activity of the day, the weather, who I am trying to impress and how, what I might be doing after work, what is clean, and how much ironing it will require. By now, I have this getting dressed thing fairly well figured out. Well, occasionally I put a sock on inside out or miss align the buttons, but I usually catch these small issues before long.


The clothing that I wear can seem to be a really big deal, and it helps establish a confident and ready mind set for my day. However, when I consider things that really matter, clothing is inconsequential. It is necessary, mind you, but not of any actual, life impacting, and eternal importance. What does matter is what I choose to put on when I look into the closet of my heart. That is where the truly elegant and impactful wardrobe is stored. As a child of the Living God, His Spirit is alive in me, and He creates in me a new nature that is the true reflection of God, Himself. Unfortunately, the new me doesn’t always take over my functional life, for I get in the way. I keep going back to the old section of my closet, to all of those familiar items of thought and beliefs about life that take me back into selfishness, fear, doubt, anger, and frustration. So I engage my day in the worst possible frame of heart and mind. Then I am a redeemed being living like I have never encountered Christ. I am conflicted and appear hypocritical to the very people that I seek to love, and this is very discouraging and truly frustrating.


Yet, as it so often is in God’s way of dealing with us, He provides very complex things with simple answers. I need to go back to this activity that I have done thousands of times in my life, for by selecting the right spiritual wardrobe to start my day, I am taking the first and the most important step in living successfully throughout this day. Christ has already given me a complete closet makeover; it is up to me to use it. Christ wants me to come to Him. He allows me to talk to my Lord, listen to His words of loving guidance, and put on the exquisite words of truth that He has carefully displayed before my eyes. Then, I can engage my day with the confident and loving heart of Christ as my own true identity.