Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and how inscrutable are His ways!

Romans 11:33


God’s ways are truly mysterious, and His understanding of things has a depth to it that defies my capacity to grasp. Yet, He isn’t slippery like a wet puppy that you are trying to keep from getting all of the furniture wet, and He doesn’t change shape in the way that a water filled balloon does. The Lord is consistent, solid, and tangible to the degree that He defines these concepts. Maybe that is a part of the reason that His ways do seem so far outside of my own understanding. This depth and consistency are foreign to the human mind and experience.


My God is the foundation upon which I set my feet. His love is the defining element for my soul. Still, He amazes me with His knowledge of my heart, with His capacity to grasp my needs and His willingness to continually meet them. God’s complexity and expansive nature compel me to seek out knowledge of Him. Every time that I begin to think that I know Him well, the Lord reveals more of Himself to me, and in each situation where I believe that I have reached the limit of His provision or His involvement in my life, God goes further and does more with and for me. There is no limit to the Lord!


God knows us well. He is fully aware that human nature is such that if we already knew everything about Him and if we had the full picture of God’s involvement in our lives laid out before us, we would become too casual about our relationship with Him. We would tend to takeĀ Him for granted and stop seeking His wisdom and graceĀ as the essential activity of each of our days. So, God retains His mysteries. He reveals Himself to each of us as we trust Him and seek to know Him better. In this revealing, God blesses us daily with the gift of an ever deeper relationship with Him.