I cry aloud to God, aloud to God, and He will hear me.

Psalm 77: 1


If you are at all like me, there are a lot of times when you try to go it alone. I’ll just worry, scheme, plan, fret some more, and struggle with life’s big stuff and little issues using the knowledge, wisdom, and strength that are resident in my mind to sort it all out. Sometimes it works and at other times it doesn’t, but even when I get it all sorted out and find my answers, I have consumed more of my precious and hard to replace strength and energy than I would have liked to give up. Then, the next wave of challenge hits, and I have less than enough oxygen in my lungs and blood flowing through my muscles to keep swimming toward shore.


The Lord is totally relational. Although He relentlessly pursues everyone, and He absolutely sticks with us through every aspect of life, He still wants us to seek His wisdom and understanding. God allows us the opportunity to learn through the processes of living. Thus, He does give us the freedom to solve our own problems and to chart our own coarse through each of our days; however, He makes available to us the eternal partnership of His Spirit, and through Him, we can live in the freedom of God’s will, direction, care, and provision.


Sometimes crying out is a shout or even a wail of anguish. It can be a whisper through dry and tortured lips. God may be the sole audience; your lone trusted friend in this life might be the hearer. On the other hand that cry could be recited before a massive hoard of listening ears. The point of it all is that God wants us to bring our greatest needs and concerns to him, and He desires to walk with us through the smallest and the greatest of decisions and actions in our lives. Every aspect of our lives is important in living as God’s children and as Christ’s image-bearers in this world. The Lord is my strength and my wisdom, and He provides the grace to live in His glory and victory every moment of this day.