Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.

Revelation 4: 11


Perspective and point of view are invaluable in trying to understand how this world truly works and why things are as they are. It also helps in trying to sort out why things may seem to be one way while they actually are very different. People like to think that we are the great creators, the skilled developers, and the talented managers of our world. We like to think that we have control and can set our own courses through this life. Everything is ours for the taking; at least, this is what most of us are taught and encouraged to seek after. Yet, thinking like this and living as if this were truth leads to frustration, to a decreasing sense of worth over time, and to a never ending need to control and to dominate others.


When life is viewed from a different vantage point, my personal place in the world changes. When I recognize the fact that God is the creator, the developer, and the only One who is qualified to manage it all, the importance of my role and my need to be in control is absolutely altered. In order to take my hands off of the controls of my existence while still aggressively moving forward requires me to trust God and to have faith in His best intentions. It is in this arena of being trustworthy and true to His word that Christ excels. In ways that are amazing beyond understanding, God follows through with caring for my needs, in protecting me and my loved ones, and by establishing the importance and the value of my role in His world.


The heavenly point of view that is expressed in this verse from Revelation allows us to clearly see that God created everything and everyone. More importantly, it was all done by the will of the Lord. There is nothing in this world or in all of creation that is random or coincidental. God’s perfect will states that He desires for all of creation to be brought near to His heart again. Each of us moves closer to the Lord’s will and our world is also moved toward Him as we recognize God’s priorities and take personal action in living in the center of them.