Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whosoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

John 8: 12


Jesus says a couple of very big things in these two sentences. He promises us light that is the purest possible light, for it comes from the source. He also tells us that there is something about this form of living in which we are walking in this light that brings about life. Additionally, this is a form of life that is superior to the one that we are granted at birth. Light and life, life through the light. It is almost as if Jesus is setting out a riddle for us to solve. However, the solution has already been granted to us and it is explained clearly for everyone who wants to know it in God’s Word.


Light is the place of safety. It is also the medium by which organisms grow. Light destroys corruption and disease. Light cleanses and it purifies. Light warms our bodies. It provides us with food. It is an essential element in God’s creation of this world. The light that is God and that comes from who God is needed to be upon the earth before everything else could be created. It is the foundation of all that is upon the earth. It is in the light that we live, and it is into the elemental light of God’s presence that Christ calls us. He is the light that was present from creation, for Christ is the elemental light. He is the light that is ever-present, for through Christ the darkness of sin has been defeated.


So, Jesus is saying to us that each and every person who decides to truly follow Him will be walking in the light that brings about life. This means that our lives are brought under the restorative rays of Christ’s healing touch. The darkness of our natural souls is also exposed to the pure light of righteousness, but this light doesn’t seek to destroy us; rather, it goes after and destroys the sin-weakened cells in our hearts and minds. The righteous light of God’s truth brings about healthy growth that makes us ever stronger. In Christ and by His Spirit, God’s Word becomes a plentiful source of this light. With Christ we can walk through the darkest passages in this world and our way will be illuminated. Through His presence in us, we become sources of the light that saves lives and that brings about safety and strength.