I will take you from the nations and gather you from all the countries and bring you into your own land.

Ezekiel 36: 24

Do you ever feel disconnected, scattered, and dispersed? Does the sense that you are truly out there someplace and that the rest of the world is moving to a different rhythm and rhyme scheme than the one that you hear just swirl around in your head and heart? Well, that could be happening because it’s actually true. Everyone is born disconnected and distanced from the true home that we were intended to occupy. Our distant parents moved themselves out of the center of God’s will, and He relocated them far away from their intended home. We start out life in the same state of exile, and our bodies will probably spend all of their existences in a foreign and often hostile land, too.

However, our hearts, minds, and souls don’t need to remain in this nomadic and tenuous state indefinitely. God has always had a plan for the return of our essential selves to His desired state of close relationship. That plan was fully achieved through the life giving actions and death defying sacrifice of Jesus. It is all up to us; we can make the choice to live in the beauty and the bounty of God’s kingdom, or we can decide to stay in the harsh desert wasteland of our exile. Choose Christ, and choose life in abundance. Living life in His presence is the decision that God, the loving Father, yearns for each person to make.

There is more, for when we make Jesus our choice, we are just beginning a fabulous journey that can lead us deeper into the glory, majesty, and joyous blessings of living in the continual presence of God. In accepting Christ, we are given all that God has to offer, but there is so much to be gained in that relationship that it will take the rest of our lives to just start to see, appreciate, and understand it all. Yet, the more that we are willing to allow Christ’s Spirit the freedom to guide us into our new home and His gift of life there, the more meaningful, peaceful, and joyous our days will be. This will be true regardless of the chaos and turmoil that may fill the world around us, for in Christ, we are dwelling in our own promised land.