How precious are your thoughts to me, O God!

How vast is the sum of them!

Psalm 139: 17


That period of newness is such an interesting time in our lives. New house, new shoes, new car, new love, and newly committed to Christ have in common a focus, interest, and passion that is hard to find elsewhere. Unfortunately, it always seems to fade, become distracted, and be replaced by a lesser reality. This also seems inevitable, for the roof will leak, the shoes will pinch, the car will stall, your lover will fail to meet all of your needs, and we will become disappointed with God.


The Lord wants us to understand His view of all of this. He gives us a perspective that is completely different from our human one; thus, it is quite foreign to my earth-bound soul. When I view the house, shoes, and car as a part of what God gives to me in order to meet good, normal, and natural needs that He designed into me, it is a lot easier to cope with the minor irritants that come along with things that exist in this decaying world. The Spirit of Christ wants me to understand that God is the source of all love; so, my love relationship is created by Him. Thus the Lord needs to be at the center of making that relationship successful. As I come to understand these truths, I am led to look at my involvement with my God and to realize that the key to retaining that new love zeal and passion is found inside of my heart and mind.


When I look intently at Christ and focus my thoughts on Him, I am brought back toward the intensity of those newly connected days, and my heart is awakened from the apathetic sleep of sameness. As this day unfolds, I need to seek out the Lord’s truth and pursue His understanding for all that I will engage. By seeking out the Lord’s desire for me and by opening my heart to the unlimited potential that He sees for me, I begin to regain the passion for serving Christ and the passionate heart that He has designed to beat in my chest is revived.