I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

Psalm 91: 2


In 1968 voice actor Dick Tufeld speaking as The Robot in the television series Lost In Space said a very profound thing about our world and regarding living in it. He said, “Danger, Will Robinson, danger.” Those words ring out loud and clear and hold true to this day. We have good cause to be fearful and concerned. There is a great deal of pain and heartache in most of our lives. When we hear the stories and share in the journeys of our friends there is much more of the same. Our daily news is saturated with suffering and loss. The reality of our world makes the risks that those fictional characters faced in deep space seem like child’s play.


Life tests all of the resources that we have built up, too. Making it through another day can require us to expend all of the strength and the energy that we have stored up. The mind’s capacity to explain and to respond to these regular assaults is overwhelmed. Education doesn’t work. The best defensive driving skills don’t provide security as we travel along this road of life’s journey. Simply, there is nothing that we have in ourselves alone that provides true security and that is strong enough or great enough to take us through it all to the end of the road. Sometimes it seems that having the tank run dry, the protective shields fail and the mind become hopelessly confused is exactly the best set of things that could happen.


This is the state of being that often leads us to realize that God has promised His people that He does have answers. The Lord does have capability and capacity. He does bring all of the strength that is required and more to the table. These words that were spoken by the Psalmist contain much more than a warning of danger. The warning still requires us to take care of the threat. When we recognize that God is the One who takes care of all of the threats that we will ever face, we gain the sort of encouragement, strength, and protection for our spirits that living in a state of confident peace requires. God wants us to surrender our will and our pride to Him, to take up residence under the loving shelter of His truth, and to trust His eternal wisdom and grace to bring us through the day.