It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.

Galatians 5: 1


There was a point to the way that God set about reconnecting with the souls of His wandering and lost children. Since He wants us all back into close contact with Him, the Lord was willing to do anything that was required to reestablish the relationship. Every one of us was born into captivity; we were sold to the slave master, Satan, by our original ancestors, and the price for our bondage was very cheap, too. All that was received was a bite of fruit and a momentary sense of false freedom.


Unfortunately, I find myself trying to live in this same way, for I will set aside most of the great and valuable gifts that God has given to me as His beloved child, and I will think, say, and do things that are outside of God’s clearly stated will. I must admit to my capacity and capability to think, say, and do many things that are certainly not in my best interests and that do not serve to bring light to the darkness of this world. When I live like this and especially when I allow evil’s lies to settle in my heart and my mind so that I am made fearful and filled with doubt, I am effectively selling myself back into slavery.


At these times I need to step back into the light of God’s truth, confess the sinful aspects of my doubting nature, and open my mind to the refreshing wind of Christ’s Spirit as He sets me back on my feet and restores my understanding of His view of me as His own redeemed and completely free person. The price that Christ paid to obtain my freedom was greater than anything that I can measure or even comprehend. The freedom that God has purchased for me is complete, without condition, and applies to every aspect of my life. Thus, the Lord tells me to stop living as a slave and to stay strong in the freedom that Christ bought for me.