Cast your cares on the Lord, and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous fall.

Psalm 55: 22


There are times in our lives when the cares; the concerns, worries, fears, and over bearing challenges of simply living start to pile up on our backs to such a degree that we feel crushed by it all. One thing happens, then another, soon it seems like the very forces of nature are conspiring to bring all of the negativity that they can summon up together in one focused attack. What’s worse, their target is you. The very breath can be crushed out of your lungs so that you can’t even get a muffled cry for help or plea for relief out of your mouth.


The Lord tells us to take these fears and worries and use every ounce of the energy that we possess to grab them and throw them onto Him. This can look like a simple prayer pleading with God to grant some relief from the struggle. It can be a call to a friend to seek the Lord’s wisdom as expressed through the heart and the mind of another of His children. Also, the casting of our cares happens as we humbly get down onto our knees and open our hearts to His soothing touch of love.


God has given His word to all of His people, and He never goes back on His word. The Lord says that He will give us everything that we need to keep going. This includes the food, shelter, finances, love, peace, healing for illness, companionship, and each of the other things that we do now or will ever need. The Lord, my God, sustains my soul and lifts my spirit, for when I turn to Him and recognize His righteous place as the only true source for all that I need, He never lets the weight of this life get so great that I am forced to the ground by it. Instead, Christ lifts me up high to be with Him in the Father’s palace of lasting peace and total sustenance.