Let us also walk by the Spirit.

Galatians 5: 25b


If we seek out Christ’s on going, constant, and fill-me-to-top Spirit, then stay alone in our endeavor to live out God’s will, calling, and mission for us, the impact that we will have in this world will be greatly diminished from the wondrous potential that God has in mind for us. Even for people who are very consistent in maintaining their connection to God through prayer, Bible reading and study, and openness to the interaction of the Spirit, this is a hard world to travel in. This is why Paul gives us this second command in Galatians to walk by the Spirit; yet, this one is different from the one in verse 16, for the word that he uses, stoicheo, is different; this is a word which refers to the way that soldiers march in ranks, in step, and with the confidence that their coordinated numbers creates.


This is how we are to take the empowerment of the Spirit into our world. When we join up with others and align ourselves with them in our desire to serve Christ, we are a mighty force to deal with, and this is important, for the forces of evil that are standing against us are also very powerful. They are also truly plentiful. When we become honestly, openly, and sincerely involved with others in the body of Christ, we gain a form of mutual strength that is far greater than anything that evil can throw at us. We also gain the support of friends in those times when we are particularly weak and protection when the arrows fly at us from our blind side.


There is another aspect to this form of walking, too; since, in order to stay in step and in rank, we need to yield our individual desires and personal concepts to those that Christ tells us are His. We are also required to consider the marching style and the pace of the group as we take each of our own steps. This is a very mindful and other focused way to live that is truly not very much like the way that most of us naturally function. For me this sort of yielding requires the involvement and the leading of Christ’s Spirit, for I don’t, won’t, and almost can’t do it on my own.┬áThe Lord calls upon us to live in the harmony, peace, and love of His Spirit. Then we will be able to walk through life with confidence and with the boldness of people who know where we are going and who is going with us.