In that day the Lord of hosts will be a crown of glory, and
a diadem of beauty, to the remnant of His people, and a spirit of justice to
him who sits in judgment, and strength to those who turn back the battle at the

Isaiah 28: 5, 6


God is merciful, and His grace is great enough to accept
each and every one of us without regard to the ways that we are living or the
things that we have done or even the multitudes of times that we have rejected
Him and cursed His name. However, this marvelous grace and infinite mercy is
balanced by the Lord’s unceasing desire for righteousness and His relentless
demand for justice. Without righteousness, grace has no meaning. Without
justice, there is no mercy. In one sense these qualities of God are like the scales
that Lady Justice holds in her hand with their unbiased equality. However, in
God’s hands there is no give and take of these counterbalancing elements of
life; instead, they are all applied in full and total measure.


People who love God are also called upon by Him to love
righteousness and to strive to live justly in our world. Our thoughts, our
words, and our actions can depict God’s will and desire to our world. The way
that we treat those who are close to us and the manner in which we interact
with strangers speak loudly about the way that we view this mandate from God. This
is one of the hardest aspects of living for Christ. Most of us are either
rather good at being accepting, gracious, and merciful, or we readily apply our
view of righteousness and seek a sure and absolute form of justice. In either
instance there is seldom balance, and deep, lasting restorative relationship


Christ brought living truth into our world. He never failed
to note and to recognize the brokenness and the destructive nature of sin. He
confronted it in individuals and in the culture. Jesus also embraced the
sinner, and He granted His healing touch of eternal acceptance to everyone who
would accept it. God wants us to do the same things. He sends us into our world
to confront the sin that baths us in its acid-like wash of corrosive evil.
Christ wants us to stand with Him at the gates of our world and stop Satan’s
aggression from gaining any more ground. Yet, He wants us to do it in the same
way that Jesus did. We need to be willing to suffer, bleed, and die upon the
cross of truth, of mercy, and of grace. Christ wants us to sacrifice all for
the sake of eternal relationships.