By justice a king builds up the land,

but he who exacts gifts tears it down.

Proverbs 29: 4


In case this fact may have slipped by your attention, it is
election season. The astute cultural observer among those who are reading this
might ask, “When isn’t it election season?” I agree with that
thought, for it doesn’t seem like we are never far removed from a time when
people are actively campaigning either for re-election or to take an office
away from someone else who they deem to be less worthy of it. We live in a
world where politics and political maneuvering are the main business of
government. This is a part of the problem that God wants to call to our
attention in this proverbial saying.


As the offices, the power, and the true authority of all of
our governmental leaders are ordained and operate out of the will of God, the
Lord desires that they would be carried out in certain ways. Among those
mandates that God has established for the proper exercise of His authority,
justice is very high on the list. God desires that His concept of fair
treatment, compassionate care for the weak and humble servant leadership would
be embraced by all who take on the responsibility and the power of high office.
Sadly, when we start to look to our leaders as the source for a definition of
justice, we will almost always be gravely disappointed. There are very few
people who are able to withstand the political pressures that come with the
territory of elected office; also, they are called into roles where they are
enforcing laws and rules of law that are inherently unjust. So, we can hope for
real improvement, anticipate the best, and cast our votes carefully; but, human
kings will almost always fall short of expectations and fail us greatly.


In order to grasp, comprehend, and embrace justice in our
world we must look to Christ and to how He leads us in living. Throughout the
long history of humanity there has never been any lasting justice except for
that which has been tendered out by people who know God well and who are
committed to following His pathway through life. If we desire to receive
justice in this world, we need to look to Christ and realize that God alone is
the one Who will truly grant it to us. If we desire to see people treated
justly then we must be the ones who do it. God’s compassion, mercy, grace, and
righteousness are played out in this life through the attitudes and the actions
of His people. They are given fellowship in His community of faith, His Body.
Together, in Christ, we are the true hope for justice in our land.