You shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers and
you shall be my people, and I will be your God.

Ezekiel 36: 28


Everyone lives somewhere. It might be a modest house, an
apartment in the city, a wonderful mansion sized custom home, a hut, your car,
or the ground that happens to be near to the place where your feet stopped
moving this day. This is the physical place that each of us lives. This place
may seem vitally important, and many of us spend remarkable amounts of time, energy,
and our financial resources on acquiring and improving this place.


Still, living in our allotted and chosen spot on this globe
has very little to do with how well we are truly living. The real quality of
our lives is determined by how we choose to live, the attitude that we hold
regarding the life that we have been granted, and theĀ  depth of our desire
to serve God through our lives. God has promised that He will give every one of
His children a true dwelling place, not just an existence. The Lord created the
perfect environment for people to flourish in, and He wants to give that perfectly
created quality of life back to us.


When we dwell in Christ while living in our world, we have a
sense of comfort that comes from possessing the wisdom, understanding, and
guidance of the Creator. Although we will never be totally settled into this
environment with its infusion of evil and destruction, we can travel through
every one of our days with the sort of confidence that comes from being the
only true heirs. In Christ we are the ones who God has proclaimed as His own,
and the people that He has selected to bringĀ the message of salvation to
our generation.