The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show to His servants the
things that must soon take place. He made it known by sending His angel to His
servant John who bore witness to the word of God and to the testimony of Jesus
Christ, even to all that he saw.

Revelation 1: 1, 2

For many people God seems to be hard to understand and very difficult to relate with. Our
human condition has a very hard time with being open to the fact that we don’t
have all of the answers and that our processes of understanding, our
systems of science and religion, aren’t adequate to provide everything that we
require, either. In addition, most of us have not come close to living in the
daily expression of the sort of transformed lives that Christ wants us to
enjoy. We are so caught up in the pain, fear, and brokenness of our pasts that
we don’t comprehend the glory that is ours in Christ.

Because God wants to us to understand Him, and He desires to be close to each of us in
ways that exceed all of our human experiences, God communicates with us. As He
did with John, the Lord reveals Himself and He provides us with a clear
understanding of what He wants from us and of how He desires that we should
live. The Spirit of Christ speaks to our hearts; thus, we have access to truth
that is unchanging and invaluable. God also demonstrates His love and
compassion, He gifts us with His gracious acceptance of us despite our sinful
disobedience, and Christ stays with us throughout everything that occurs in

It seems that as I seek God and the more I open my heart and mind to allow His
Spirit access, the more He reveals of Himself and in the process He shows me
more of who and what I am. As I come to understand God more fully, I come
to understand myself, for I, like all people, was created in the image of the
Creator God. When I seek God’s revelatory truth and surrender my will
to it, He removes the sin-infected tissue from my heart; then, He regrows it
with its originally created purity restored. The true self that God wants me to
see is the blessed, beloved, and purely loving person that I have been
transformed into through Christ. This is God’s great revealing to me,
and this is the potential of revelation for all people.