Owe no one anything except to love each other, for the one
who loves another has fulfilled the law.

Romans 13: 8


The news has been shouting at us for quite a while now and
almost everyone is fully aware that there is a “Debt Crisis” in our world. Our
governments have entered into obligations that can’t be met with the available
resources. Individuals continue to spend money that they don’t have and that
they have no real hope of ever seeing. We also incur debt in many other ways,
for we make commitments and we enter into relational obligations that we really
have very little intention of meeting. As we try to keep pace with our culture
we are driving our personal and our societal balance sheets deeper and deeper
into the red.


Christ wants us to stop. Stop writing the checks,
discontinue the charging, and put a hold on the new commitments. He wants us to
step out of the swirling masses that are flocking to the newest and the most
exciting of sales events. He tells us to get on our knees and to seek His face
in prayerful submission to the wonder and the power of truth. In those moments
of quiet meditation God’s Word and His Spirit will speak. When knowing God’s
heart is the desired outcome, He will reveal the truth of what is real love.
Christ demonstrated it for us every day of His life in this world. God has been
relating to people from the perspective of love for all of our history. We are
called by God to respond to Him by loving Him with such totality of being that
we can do little else except to love other people as Christ does.


This is an ideal, and the life of absolute and total love is
not an easy one to accomplish. It wasn’t easy for Jesus in that it required Him
to set aside Himself and to sacrifice all to do it; yet, that was what He did
in response to God’s expressed desire. God’s expressed desire for me and for
you is the same. He wants us to live in the simplicity of righteousness. He
tells us to stop entering into agreements that bind our hearts and our minds to
impossibly heavy burdens of debt. Christ leads us down a road that takes us
into a state of being that transcends this world and its earthly obligations
and that brings us into the perspective of the Father. In God’s economy we are
indebted only to Him, and He requires that our payments be made in loving
interaction with our world.