If you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law.

Galatians 5: 18

There is an order to the way that the entire world functions. The rules and the
controlling principles were embedded into its genetic coding by
God in order to prevent chaos from ruling. What matters most for people is
where we align our hearts and our minds in order to receive the direction and
guidance that we all need to successfully make it through this complex life
that we live. Although we are all born with hearts that are broken and
controlled by sin, God grants us the gift of a choice that will completely
change all of that. Christ brings all who choose Him into restoration and into

Once we have made a decision to leave behind the controlling influence of evil and turn
our hearts toward God, we still need to take one more very important step. God
designed a rule of law into Creation, and it will get us through the day with
minimal missteps and wrong turns; however, the law demands perfection from us
so very imperfect beings. Errors, mistakes, and wrong choices are inevitable
when we choose to orient our moral compass toward the law. Under the rule of
the law,  we will spend our days trying
unsuccessfully to pay off the constantly growing fines that we receive for our
various sins. Unfortunately we will never possess enough emotional or spiritual
currency to pay these debts.

Christ offers us another choice, for He sent His Spirit to live in, among, and with
us. We can choose to seek out a deep, personal, and powerful relationship
with the Spirit of God that will profoundly change the way that we view life.
When we seek to stay filled with the Spirit, our view of life and the vantage
point from which we view it are changed; we gain a Heavenly perspective on life
that allows us to live boldly, confidently, and in a form of freedom that does
not exist outside of this intimate relationship with God. When I am filled with
Christ’s Spirit, there is lightness and buoyancy to my life that is without