The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of His heart from generation to generation.

Psalm 33: 11

There are thoughts, ideas, and concepts that last, and there are those that seem profound
and true in the moment and then, even when they are carved into stone, fade
from use. A really good test of the advice and the wisdom that we listen to is
to look at the duration of its validity. Has the same idea been true throughout
history? You see, God has been saying the same things to people from the very
beginning of our relationship with Him. He has not changed his mind. His heart
is constant, His purpose is clear, and the Lord continually loves us.

Another aspect of the way that God relates to me is that He is very active and involved,
and He is truly personal in what He says. The Lord provides me with wisdom and
insight for living that seems as if it were created solely for my situation and
for my life. These thoughts unfold out of His word in ways that are pertinent
to the moment and that seem as if they were written about today as viewed from
my front door. Although it can seem a bit scary to consider how well God
actually knows me, it is truly comforting to realize the depth of His knowledge
and to know that He still loves and accepts me. His thoughts, plans, and
counsel are intended to provide me with everything that I need to live my life
fully and to live it well.

True wisdom is also a gift and a legacy. God gives it to people, and He wants us to
share it with others and to pass it on to the next generation. Christ desires
for us to follow Him through this life, and He calls upon us to go with Him
into the lives of others. As Jesus purposefully walked the streets and entered
through the doorways of homes and of palaces throughout His world, He wants to
take us into the lowliest of huts and into the grandest of mansions for the
sake of His saving truth. A life that is lived by following God’s will and
inside of the framework of His plan is one that stands out in ways that impact
people’s hearts for eternity.