For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth, and the
former things shall not be remembered or come to mind.

Isaiah 65: 17


There are at least two types of instances where memory can
be the cause of some real life-function type problems. One is the situation
where my old ways of thinking and of acting come to mind. These are the actions
that I am not proud of nor do I actually wish to repeat but that come to the
surface, anyway. These are those times of derisive comments, harsh words, dismissive
glances, and instant anger or frustration. During these episodes, I hurt people
for no good reason, and I do it in an instant; it is as if the action occurs
without the thought behind it ever taking shape. Honest and loving people
call me on this sort of action, help me to understand
when I am doing it, and generally give me the grace that I
need to repent and to change the behavior.


The other type of instance is the one where past failures,
bad decisions, and other forms of sinful behaviors and attitudes come back to
the surface as if I am again living in the moment of the sad event. When
this happens, I tend to draw away from the positive things that I was
endeavoring to pursue, and I also move inside of myself for fear of doing harm
to others. The surfacing of these memories and the feelings that are associated
with them can be terribly disabling, for they tend to drive me away from the
direction of God’s calling and toward a self-centered form of paralysis of


Don’t get me wrong, remembering and understanding the sinful
aspects of our lives is important in so far as the remembrance helps us to
prevent and avoid repetition of the behaviors. Yet, evil uses a device much
like this good memory as a tool to disable us, and that is where it is
important to realize the truth of the way that God remembers us. The
Lord is the Creator God, and His creative work applies to the lives of people.
Through Christ, we are given a new reality, a changed way to view our
world, and a grace-infused, love-centered approach to our relationships.


Thus, when I start to think of myself and of others in
terms that are related to these old ways of behaving and when I back away
from God’s calling because of my self-imposed concept of worthiness, I
need to redirect my heart and my mind to view myself more as God does. He sees
me as a new person who has been formed by His hands into a complete
and totally worthy individual who God trusts absolutely to serve His
will. My part in this is to accept God’s truth and to claim Christ’s
victory over evil in my daily life.