I am poor and needy, hasten to me, O God!

You are my help and my deliverer, O Lord, do not delay!

Psalm 70: 5


If truth were to be known, Oliver Twist got life right, for
when he said, “Please, sir, I want some more.” he was stating the truth
about every one’s relationship to God. As humans living in our broken and dying
world, we truly never have enough of God’s grace, love, righteousness, and
justice. There is not a day that comes my way where I can honestly say that I
have it all handled and that my own resources are more than sufficient to get
me through it all. Every moment of each day I can stand before my Lord and
repeat Oliver’s famous words. The challenge for me is found in realizing and in
admitting my level of need.


It is trained in and societally and culturally ingrained in
us to be independent and strong as we face life. As Oliver’s act was radically
defiant of the system that he lived in, so is admitting personal need and
weakness in ours. Yet, God is known at His fullest when we realize just how
much we do need Him. Christ becomes most evident in us when we set aside
ourselves and allow His Spirit of Truth to permeate our beings. As I recognize
my neediness, Christ responds with His total sufficiency.


As the new day dawns it is sobering to realize just how
little I have in the way of resources to utilize in handling what will come my
way; however, it is very encouraging to know that there is nothing that I will
encounter that is not completely within the strength and the understanding of
Christ. Also, He wants me to turn to Him, and He desires to enter into my life.
As I cry out, “Lord, hurry, do not delay!” He is already with me.
Christ already has answers to my pleas before they are formative thoughts, and
His wealth and resources are eternally mine.