In your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always prepared to make a defense to
anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet, do it with
gentleness and respect.

1 Peter 3: 15

There is an interesting proposition made by Peter here; for, as we embrace Christ’s
holiness at this deep and personal level, we are doing the same for
ourselves; since, if Christ is in me, then His holiness is mine. That
is why it becomes so very important to focus on the Lord’s attributes as a
means of gaining a clearer understanding of our own transformed nature. The
same holds true for focusing more clearly on our
own anticipation and objectives for personal spiritual growth.

As I consider the ways that I still don’t function as I should, based upon what God
has established as the model for living in His holiness, the steps that I
need to take and the personal sacrifices that I need to make in order to
move in that direction become more clearly defined. There is always an element
of surrender, a yielding of my will to the Lord that is involved in
this growth process, for this is a process that is begun by
continually allowing Christ to be the center of my heart.

Then, as the presence of His holiness takes over more of my being, my own ability
to live in a manner that is reflective of Christ’s love increases, and I gain
an ever greater understanding of the marvelous hopefulness that He brings
into my life. This is a hope that is too large and much too important to keep
buried inside. It needs to be expressed, and it will gain expression through
the way that I live as well as through the words that I speak. The final
element that Peter speaks to here is one that I suspect was a serious challenge
for him; he again tells us to consider how Jesus went about connecting and
communicating with people, for true holiness is also gentle, respectful, and
always loving.