“Behold I have inscribed you on the palms of my hands;

Your walls are continually beforeMe.” declares the Lord.

Isaiah 49: 16


We all know people who write the things that they really
need to remember on their hands. This may include phone numbers, names, or
prompts to “get milk”; whatever the important, immediate data or fact; the hand
is a very good notepad on which to record it. This works because our hands are
always with us and are continually visible. Unlike scraps of paper or even notebooks,
it doesn’t require any extra effort to remember where we put them. They can’t
even hide behind the back for long or get buried deep inside of a purse or a


So consider Isaiah’s statement that God, Himself, holds each
of us as so important that he writes our existence onto His hands. It seems
that there must be a lot of ink on those hands! Yet, there are times when it
seems like God must surely have forgotten me. Life feels like there is no hand
of God in control or like His attention must certainly be focused somewhere
else. Still, He comforts me with the fact that He has me continually before His
eyes. There are times and seasons in this life, and God is fully aware of them.
He fully feels the pain and experiences the sadness and loss; yet, He also
stays true to His promise to restore everyone who loves Him to the fullness of
His intended place as beloved children of God. The Lord asks us to trust Him
with this and to keep our eyes open to see His presence in even the darkest of


Christ knows where the attacks upon each of us will come
from. He has fully experienced the cunning, the relentlessness, and the furry
that Satan brings to bear upon those who love God. He knows what we need in
order to remain safe from these assaults, and He knows what defenses we will
require in order to survive their most intense moments. We can trust that
Christ is on the alert and that He does not sleep or even glance away for an
instant. As we trust Him with every detail and each hour of the day, Christ
reveals Himself and His responses to our situation. I can have absolute faith
in the fact that God has me before Him and that I am completely safe in the
palm of His mighty hand.