The Lord will not allow your foot to slip;

He who keeps you will not slumber.

Psalm 121: 3

Even if we take steps that are slow, steady, and deliberate when we encounter ice storm
covered sidewalks or a steep mountainside that is made of crumbling rocks, a
fall can come at any moment. With that fall comes disorientation, pain, and
fear of serious injury. With the fall comes a loss of confidence and concern
about going on with the journey. Most of us have experienced this sort of
misadventure at some time; most of us have dealt with the need to get up off of
our backs and to start to walk again, too.

However, my important concerns about traveling through life have nothing to do with an
icy walkway or even a slippery road; they are related to choices and direction,
actions and results. The areas where my feet tend to come out from under me
with a disquieting suddenness are found mostly in my relationships with people
and in the decisions that I make. There is an absolute certainty that when I
fall down badly in these aspects of life, I have taken a path of my own
choosing and have not allowed Christ to influence and to direct my thinking and
my actions. Off I go headed along with my coarse charted out of foolish pride
or motivated by some selfish fear; then, suddenly, I am flat on my back in the
middle of a painful situation trying to recover from the damage that I have
done to myself and to others.

It would all be so much simpler, and life would be a lot less painful if I would simply
accept the guidance that the Lord wants to give me. He never fails to provide
what I need to make the right choices, and He does not need for me to even ask
the right questions. God always knows what will be best for me, and He
continually counsels me to make that decision. It is up to me to seek Him, and
it is my decision to follow. Those are the choices that I can make now. The God
who loves me totally is so much more worthy of this sort of trust than anyone
else. Jesus who gave His all to save me from my own chosen path of destruction
does go before and with me for every step of the journey through life.