Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who
sent Me, and to accomplish His work.”

John 4: 34


In this verse Jesus has redefined meal planning, and He has
made it very simple. For as it was for Jesus, so it should be for all of us who
follow Him. God provides us with a true banquet of His blessing, grace, and
purpose. He grants each of us His continuous presence, and He fills the seconds
of our lives with the riches of His purpose. Christ calls to us to respond to
the dame calling that He followed.


Although we are taken from the darkness, the cold, and the
starvation of this world and seated in glory in the Kingdom of God;
we still need to choose to participate in the feast. Full enjoyment of the
bounty that Christ has purchased for us is not found in being present; it is
made real by being engaged. While Jesus was living in the flesh with us, He did
not live a passive life of reflection on God’s truth. Jesus went into the lives
of people, and He touched those lives with love, healing, justice, and grace as
the Father instructed Him to do.


Likewise, we will find our true filling, our real
satisfaction, as we go into our world and do the will of God. We do still need
to be continually prayerful, and we never can stop searching the Word of God to
gain understanding of Him and of His will. However, the result of prayer and of
study of God’s Word should always be engagement with his Creation. Christ draws
us out of our selves and into the places where He walked. He directs His followers
to see the great harvest of souls that are all around us, ready to be cared for
and loved by the One who can bring them relief from the hardship and the
oppression of living under the death sentence that sin imposes. All that we
need to do to be fully satisfied is to feast on the banquet that is God’s will
for each of us.