Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

1 John 2: 15


One of the most important things that God does as He works in our lives is that He starts to clear up the confusion that tends to reign in our minds without His presence. I have found that in my non-spiritual state of being, that is when I am too earthly focused, I am easily led and readily swayed to pursue any number of goals, objectives, and desires. I want; so I pour all of my energy into the chase; I envision my status, as I would like it to be; then, I will do anything to make it so. Life force and living become focused on self-directed goals and outcomes, and there is very little room for truly loving others or for even caring about them in any way that isn’t related to my own desires. At these times there is certainly little or no room in this life for a true and deep relationship with God.


This is true story for everyone, it has individual expression in its various forms and degrees of apparent intensity; yet, self centered and spirit denying thinking is universal among people without the transforming work of Christ in our lives. For God defines in His being all of the characteristics of humanity that are oriented toward love, compassion, and true eternal thinking. This type of thinking leads to a way of living that is oriented toward others and not on things, and it brings a level of satisfaction into life that is never obtainable through other means.


We need to bear in mind, also, that we aren’t going to change completely in an instant; God plans to stay with us throughout our earthly lives and His Spirit will continue to work on us and with us in effecting the changes that bring us ever closer to being like Christ. Still, this is a step by step, one small aspect of our being at a time sort of process. Christ is committed to us for eternity; He wants us to recognize our need, identify our selfish tendencies, and yield control over these areas of our lives to Him. Then, He will replace each of these things that we have held as important and vital to ourselves with something so much greater that there is no comparison, for the Lord will fill each of these areas of our lives with His presence and with His love.