We love because He first loved us.

1 John 4: 19

The beautiful rhythm of a well crafted poem, the striking harmonics of a richly
constructed musical chord, and the vibrant colors and mind stimulating shapes
of great paintings, these are but weak expressions in comparison to the depth
and the expanse of the tapestry that is God’s love for me. He brings the
Valentine’s chocolates and the perfect bouquet of roses to my heart every day
of my life, and the Lord gives me the dazzling diamonds of His loving presence
every moment of those days. The passion of Christ was poured out for my sake,
and His blood was willingly sacrificed so that mine could be made clean,
purified of the diseased contaminates of sin.

Every act of true love that I perform, each person that I embrace in the name of
love, and all of the love that fills my life are the result of God’s total love
for me. He loved people from the beginning of Creation. All of it was crafted
for us. The Lord has stayed in love with us throughout our history, and
He will continue to be in love with every one of us for the rest of it. It
was love that brought Christ into this world to share its pain with us. He
walked in our shoes in order to elevate us from the lostness of sin into the
radiance and joy of the Father’s eternal presence. It is in love that the
Spirit of Christ walks with us every day of our lives.

God asks us to do only one thing with the love that He brings to us, Christ
desires for us to share some small portion of it with the rest of His beloved
people. He wants us to take the moment to share the joy of Him with another,
take the risk to open our hearts to a friend, be willing to set aside our sense
of need in order to love those closest to us well. This list could continue for
pages because the love that God is asking us to share, His bottomless and
boundless love, has no limits on its application or on its intended
recipients.  Love is the essential essence of who God is; so, who can
you show God’s love to today?