Why do you seek the living among the dead?

Luke 24: 5b

There is a classic nightmare where you find yourself walking along an unfamiliar path
on a very dark and unusually misty night, a night when everything is
obscure; then, you suddenly realize that you are in the middle of a graveyard.
Everything becomes menacing and fear starts to overcome your ability to reason.
At this point rational behavior is thrown out of the window, and you start to
run. Frequently, the next problem you encounter is that you have no idea of
which direction will lead to safety. This is when panic replaces fear, and this
is usually when you awaken from it all with that uncomfortable sense of having
just returned from the gym and with an underlying feeling of irresolution. At
least, this is just a dream.

When the angels spoke to the women who had come to complete the burial preparation on
Jesus’ body, they were speaking a truth that is considerably greater than just
questioning why these followers of Jesus would be looking for the risen
Christ in a tomb. They were challenging us all. They were questioning the very
ways that we consider finding truth in and for our lives. This simple question
should resonate with our hearts and cause us to pause and reflect on how well we
know God and on how much we rely on sources of wisdom that are not provided by

Life; true, uncompromising, and unending life; has its source and its sustenance in
God. Everything that is truly alive derives its vitality from the Lord, and
everything that is not so connected is dead. The angels are challenging us to
stay focused on life and to stay connected to things that are living. Death is
found in fear, anger, and selfish thinking; life is found in faith, trust, and
loving sacrifice. There is life in God’s word, through prayer and meditation,
and by serving the needs of others, and there is life in righteous living and
thinking. God’s challenge for us is to spend our time with Him, to seek wisdom
from His word, and to be a source of life in our world.