Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O
Lord, my rock and my redeemer.

Psalm 19:14

It isn’t so much the turn of the phrase, the clever combinations of words, or the poetic
rhyme scheme that God wants to hear, and He doesn’t care at all if our
vocabulary is filled with complex and complicated words. The Lord listens to
our hearts whether they are speaking loudly or in a voice that has no outward
expression. You see, the Lord is very interested in what our hearts are saying.
He is connected to us at this level of our beings, and He knows us from the
inside out. God is the Creator of all that I am, and His desire is for me to
share everything that is on my mind and in my heart with Him.

When I am willing to open myself to my God, amazing things happen to me. I may try to
sanitize and to spiritualize the thoughts that are rolling around inside of me,
but there is a very big problem with this attempt at looking good; although,
this might actually work with the people in my life, I can’t fool God, not
ever, not even once! He knows me totally. He knows me completely as I am at
this moment; and, even with this knowledge, He accepts and loves me absolutely.
As I open myself to God, I am revealing a truth about where I am emotionally,
relationally, and spiritually to someone who already knows all about it. So,
when I do this, I am actually acknowledging the truth about my condition to
myself. Also, I am recognizing that if I am willing to focus on Him and on
truly pleasing Him the Lord can and will take all of me deeper into
Christ’s restoration to that better place that is His intended home for me.

God is delighted with us when we choose to meditate on Him and on His wishes
for our lives. It doesn’t matter if we are meditating during the quiet
calm of the darkness or in the rush of midday, the Lord delights in the
communication. So what does God find acceptable? I think that He wants me to
choose to include Him in all of it, in every aspect of living and in every
thought that I have throughout each day. God accepts who I am, and He
accepts me in my weakness and in my wandering times. In fact, He especially
wants me to bring those thoughts to Him, for the Lord has never failed
to redirect them into His way. Make David’s prayer yours,
practice this sort of on-going communication with God, and allow His presence
to fill your heart throughout this day.