“In My Father’s house there are many dwelling places; if it
were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you.”

John 14: 2

Jesus was giving His followers a promise. He was letting
them know that His departure from this earth was near at hand, but there would
be a following. There was also a place of dwelling for them. Although they were
now, because of their identification with the soon to be crucified Jesus,
outcasts and strangers in their own villages; Jesus, the Christ, had prepared a
new and far more glorious place for them to call home. They may have no longer
possessed a friendly roof over their heads, but they now held the keys to the
door of a great mansion of faith.

And so do we. This same promise that Christ gave to His
close and intimate friends some two thousand years ago is our confident hope.
We can rest in the absolute truth of these words that Christ has personally and
specially prepared our place in the Kingdom
of God. Yet, I believe that this is a promise that is much greater than even this wondrous concept
of an eternal home. For I believe that the Kingdom of God
transcends the eternal and through Jesus has become the here and the now. Just
as those long ago disciples were granted a place of dwelling that was real and
that was tangible in their present daily lives, so are we.

In Christ our old homes become foreign, and our world turns
into a hostile and alien environment. So Christ grants to His followers the
comfort and the protection of His Kingdom and of its mansions of glory. We may
never have and possess an earthly mansion, but we are continually sheltered
under the schekinah glory of God. Christ is our dwelling place, our new
nationality and our true identity. With this intimacy with God, the Creator, comes
a great responsibility. We are to live as people who desire the company of the
many without considering who they are or how uncomfortable they make us feel.
We are to look at the world around us and see the hand of God rather than the
ugliness of evil. We are to seek Christ’s heart for redemption, and He calls
upon us to spread the covering of His love over all that is lost.