Jesus said,” Do you know how to discern the appearance of the sky, but cannot discern
the signs of the times?”

Matthew 16: 3b

The news of the events of our day are with us constantly and continually. We can
access real-time, live from the spot accounts of everything that is happening
in almost every corner of our globe. On top of all of that, there is analysis
upon analysis of these events that is available as well. The news is even in
the palms of our hands and is seen as a side bar on our computers at work and
at home. We are fascinated by these events, we are fearful of the impact that
many of them might have on us, and we seek to know the future by having all of
the present before us.

It really is too bad that most of this effort and commitment is directed toward
information that is virtually useless for our intended purpose, for most of us
spend a lot more time and place a lot more emphasis on reading and watching the
news than we do on deep study of our Lord. I’ll admit that there are a lot
of days where I consume much more of my time in looking through these events
than I do in conversation with God, who can actually do something about my
ability to understand life.

All of this is said, in a sense, by way of confession. Telling God about the
things that we do and the ways that we spend our time that we would like to
change is the starting place in effecting the change. In fact, I find that
there is a strange connection between how much time and effort are required to
gain an understanding of what is happening in the world around me and the
amount of time that I spend in focused communication with God. The more time
that I spend with the Creator of all, the less time I require to gain an understanding
of the true meaning of the day’s events; He explains them all in the only clear
and absolutely trustworthy manner available.

Christ brings to me the only form of comprehension that I need to make it through my
day. He speaks to me in ways that are not always absolutely clear, for my ability
to understand the deep reasoning of God is limited by my own weakness. However,
I can trust that Christ’s will and His way are perfect, and they are
continually an expression of His love, mercy, grace, and justice. So try this;
join me in a commitment to prayer, to reading of God’s word, and to adopting
God’s view as your filter for discussing the news with others. Test every
opinion against the Word of Truth. In this approach to life there is comfort,
there is peace, and there is confidence.