Hate evil, and love good, and establish justice in the gate.

Amos 5: 15

God deals with us in a fair and a just manner; that may not always be what we would like
to see happen, for there certainly are times when I would prefer to just
get away with one; yet, God makes it clear to me that He knows what I am
about and that He does not always approve of it, either. Christ is truly at war
with evil in this world, and He is fierce, unceasing, and unstoppable in
fighting against evil’s attempts to capture the hearts of people and to destroy
our lives.

Soldiers who are in intense combat situations often have a hard time separating the
cause that they are fighting against from the people who are shooting at them;
in fact, it is not really possible to do this. On the other hand, God does
discriminate between the people who allow themselves to become agents for evil
and Satan who has deceived them into giving allegiance to his cause and
into acting out of that affiliation. Christ has made it possible for grace,
forgiveness, mercy, and restoration to be available to everyone who recognizes
their need for a Savior and accepts Him.

Christ wants us to follow His lead in the ways that we deal with people and in how we
assess their behaviors. His goal is to open people’s eyes to what they are
thinking, believing, and doing so that they can see the way that evil is
twisting and perverting truth in order to control them. God desires to be
allowed into the hearts of all people and to fill those hearts with His
love so that they can, in turn, love others with the self-sacrificing love
of Christ.

When we establish God’s justice as the filter over the gate to our hearts and our
minds, we allow Christ to be the One who judges people, and we are granted the
wisdom to discriminate between the evil that has captured a person’s
heart and that person, who God loves totally. This is not easy to do; yet, the
more we are able to fight our battles against evil, itself, and against the
deception and anger that it causes, the more we are able to show Christ’s love
to the people that we are engaged against. This is freeing for us,
and it can be life changing for others.