In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Genesis 1: 1

Creation involves a beautiful and complex series of actions that were taken by God. It
happened in a remarkably orderly and incredibly powerful series of events. I
think that it all had one primary purpose. That wasn’t to demonstrate God’s
ability, capability, or might, and it wasn’t done because, like the puppet
master, He wanted to gain total control over this world. God already was in
control, and He didn’t and doesn’t need to demonstrate His abilities to

My belief is that God created this world for me. He had a plan for this world and for all
that surrounds it, and that plan was formed around His concept of the
people that He would create to be His companions. This world was designed in
order to provide all of us with a place to live that would meet our needs and
provide us with a suitable context for our lives. This world is God’s well
thought out gift to His children.

Every mountain and each river was envisioned by the Creator to serve our needs and to
give us pleasure. The Lord wants us to delight in this world; the challenge for
us comes when we stop seeing God’s face when we look upon this world and we
start to focus on the creation itself. When that happens, our worship tends to
shift to nature and to the works of people and away from the Lord of Creation.
Instead we need to keep thanking God for all that He has given to us, marvel at
the intricate detail of His workmanship, and seek out His guidance in our
approach to caring for this world. Every blade of grass and every bird in the
sky is here as a result of God’s design. We need to delight in His love
for us when we see them, and we should love and care for each of them just as
He does.