Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time
He may exalt you.

1 Peter 5: 6

We humans do not always do so well with the concept of humility; in fact, we often work
extra hard at demonstrating the many ways that we are capable, competent, and
superior to others. This approach to life is taught by our parents, teachers,
coaches, and bosses, and it is reinforced by the majority of the messages
that we hear continually in our culture. There is a place for the kind of
confidence and self-esteem that allows us to face the day with our heads held
high and to take on challenges with the idea that, when it is all done, we will
prevail. God’s word speaks frequently of the marvelous and highly capable
person that He sees when He looks at us, and the Spirit of Christ speaks to our
hearts and our minds about the wonderful truth of our glorious beauty that is
made real in and is expressed through our relationship with Him.

What Peter is talking about here is the source of our confidence and the force behind our
competence, for when it comes to us, there is a very real connection between
source, resource, and outward expression. The more that we are looking inwardly
at our own skills, intellect, and might as the reservoir of energy for
living a confident life, the more we will live that life for the glory of
ourselves. Yet, as we recognize the Lord as the true giver of strength,
wisdom, and direction, we become more Christ-like in the ways that we move
confidently through the day. As we stay closely connected to God through
His word, prayer, and meditation on Him, we do have the ability to look
inwardly; however, we are then looking to God’s Spirit within us, and that
makes all of the difference.

God’s might is not used to hold us down, and it is never oppressive; He always lifts
up, holds up, and elevates our hearts. His mighty hand never
crushes us; it protects and provides us with direction; and it holds us in
the loving embrace of a Father. God puts His arm around my
shoulder, speaks intimately to me, and sends me into life’s game with His
purpose, plan, and confidence alive in my mind and resonating through my