What is man, that he should be pure, or he who is born of a
woman, that he should be righteous?

Job 15: 14

The answer to this ancient question is that we humans are
neither pure nor righteous. These are not the characteristics and the qualities
of the creature that we are. This state of affairs is not the product of
upbringing and it is not the result of the conditions that we live in. It is
who we are, and we are defined by a very stridently self-absorbed and God
denying existence. The human animal made a determination to leave the orderly
place that God had designed for our safety, nurture, and pleasure; then, we
stepped defiantly out into that broken land of our own choosing where danger,
starvation, and pain are the community’s welcoming greeting.

Despite our efforts to distance ourselves from the righteous
rule of God, we just can’t seem to shake His presence. When all appeared to be
desperately lost; when humanity had reached the point of collapsing under the
weight of its own depravity, God sent Himself into this world. He came not as
an avenger of His rule of law, but rather, He came as the lamb of love who
brings life to all. Christ the perfect and the pure came to live as a member of
this human race, and we will never be the same. People can now relate directly
to God, our Creator and Lord. We can now live in the possibility of pure love
and grace.

In our old humanity, Job’s question has nothing except
negative answers. In the state that we were in at our births, we can never be pure and righteous;
so, we can never draw near to the glory of the all righteous and holy God.
However, through Christ and in His grace, we are brought out of the old and
transformed into the new form of humanity that is crafted by God in His perfect
image. Purity and righteousness should now be our normal state. Selfless love
and fearless grace can be the characteristics that mark and measure our days.