The righteous man perishes, and no man takes it to heart; and devout men are taken away while no one understands.

For the righteous man is taken away from evil. He enters into peace.

Isaiah 57: 1, 2


Living in this world has a restless quality to it. In fact, simply facing tomorrow can become completely exhausting, and finding the strength to continue on from there is a merciless chore.  Yet, we fight, we strive for every day, and we hold on tenaciously to it all. However, either sooner or later, even the strongest and the most resilient of people will loss the fight to cling to this life. They leave behind a void, an emptiness that seems impossible to fill. When we lose those who are close to us, it is normal and totally natural to question the reason in it all. Why this person? Why at this time, and how does this make any sense?


This is a world that started out perfect, but human ambition and disobedience interrupted the complete peace of that original design. Instead of resting in God’s promise of complete love and total provision, we set out to follow a course that was charted with the guidance of an evil and destruction bent counselor. Since then humanity has existed in a state of constant strife. We are either fighting against God, and His call to righteous living, or we are undergoing a relentless assault that is staged by Satan with a ferocity that is designed to knock us off our feet and to cause us to deny Christ’s deep, sacrificial love.  How each of us responds is what most tellingly determines the nature of the legacy that we will have.


It requires courage, deep inner strength, and commitment to stay true to God’s calling despite all that happens to us and to people that we love. Yet, the righteous person who leaves us is in fact going to the peace of a promise that is infinitely grater than anything that is left behind. Christ takes us with Him through suffering and pain that is no greater than that which He endured, and He brings us with Him into the glory of eternity. Until that day, the rest of us are called upon by God to honor those who have gone before us by living with the same courageous faith that allowed them to finish their days with joyous anticipation of a momentary separation that is followed by an eternity together.