God shall wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there shall no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away.
Revelation 21: 4
This world  and every person and thing it it is broken and inflicted by that brokenness. We all exist with the inevitability of tears, for we will all be touched deeply and personally by innumerable losses. This is the result, the natural consequence of mankind’s turning away from God’s creation plan. Yet, He promises us much more. God never stopped loving us, His children. Even in our sinful rebellion, He provided us with a meaningful life to live. Despite our stubborn refusal to go about that living in a manner that was consistently righteous, He gave us His unending presence. Also, the Father gave us His Son, and God, Almighty, shed tears for us.
In Christ, we gain our wholeness, and through Him, we start our journey back into the perfect and orderly world that God designed for us to inhabit. Life in the here and now will continue to be interlaced with the tears that come naturally due to the extraordinary sadness that we all encounter routinely. There is the sense of frustration and failure that hopes and dreams unachieved or destroyed brings, there is the seemingly random and sudden terror of nature turned destroyer, and there is the exquisitely deep pain that comes when the lives of those we love and cherish end. Tears flow down our cheeks, and God cries along with us. And He gave us Christ as the answer to it all.
Although the promise of Revelation is a sometime in the future event as it relates to all of creation, it is the real-time gift that Christ gives to everyone who comes to Him. In this life He comforts our sorrow and holds our wounded hearts in the close embrace of His perfect love. Christ whispers to our grieving spirits and says, “I am here, I know the depths of your loss, and I cry with you.” He also assures us that this is all a part of a short and temporary time in our lives. For with Him, there is an eternity of no longers. With Christ all of the promise is fulfilled, the brokenness is restored, and we live beyond all time in the glorious presence of Love.