Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Galatians 6: 2

There are times when having some of the weight of the day lifted is not only helpful, but
it can be almost life saving. Sometimes that involves something as simple as
having another person come to me and offer to help with a task, talk through a
situation, or pray with me for an answer. My shoulders lift a little higher,
and my heart can beat a bit slower from the relief. On other days and in other
times, I wind up being the one with a part of my friend’s load of bricks on my
back; there seems to be a wonderful balance to the way that life goes in this
regard. God doesn’t give us more than we can handle; however, I think that He
looks at our capacity to take on weight based upon both our own strength
and endurance and upon that of the other people that He will bring into our

God desires and plans for people to have a form of healthy interdependence that
multiplies each of our strength, endurance, and effectiveness in ways that are
supernatural. The Lord makes us sensitive to the needs of others, and He gives
us the ability and the sense of security that are required to be vulnerable
with others, too. One of the distinctives of the Kingdom of God
is that none of us are all sufficient; yet, none of us are without capacity to
help others. We are each uniquely, specially, and specifically given personal
gifts and areas of strength that when combined create an unbeatable group that
is a living, human image of Christ.

Christ’s law is one of grace, love, and selflessness; although, it does not remove the
stresses and struggles of living in this fallen and fractured world; it
does provide the freedom, the skill, the strength, and the support to go
through that life with our heads high and our hearts made lighter. This
lightness is of an unworldly, a heavenly form, for it can exist in the middle
of pain, crisis, and the hardest of times. It is born out of the certainty that
Christ has walked the same path that I am following, that He is walking with me
in the here and now, and that I am joined on my journey by a world-wide
community of faith. Jesus calls each of us to seek the opportunity to walk
with others and to support them in handling the burden that they are carrying,
and He asks us to trust others enough to open our hearts to let them shoulder
our weight. Although, this may sound like a strange prayer request, Christ will
smile if we ask Him to bring another person’s heavy load for us to help
carry today.