“For the mountains may depart and the hills be removed, but my steadfast love shall
not depart from you,

and my covenant of peace shall not be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion
on you.

Isaiah 54: 10

Mountains tend to dominate the landscape when they are present; if in the distance, they
frame the skyline and create the backdrop for everything else; and if you
are in them, the mountains surround and loom over your entire immediate
world. My sense of mountains is that of permanence, of a form of long-term
existence; the expression “older than the hills” comes to mind. Yet
they have changed. They can be diminished by forces of nature and by the
efforts of people, and the hand of God has absolute control over them.

Perhaps Isaiah used mountains as a symbol here because love among humans can be such a troubled, fragile, and perishable thing, and we tend to impose the realities of our experience, especially the painful realities, onto everything. We are hurt in a love relationship; then, another one proves to be painful, and we start to anticipate and to expect the pain thereafter. When love fails, it truly feels as if a mountain has fallen on us. The peace is crushed out of our hearts by the force and the weight of the collapse.

God’s love has been a constant for me; no matter what others may have done and regardless
of how badly I have behaved, God has continued to love me, and He has constantly
reminded me of that fact. He stays with me through it all. When my eyes can see
nothing except for the rocks and the boulders that are covering me, God’s hands
are already working to clear a passage for me to breath; then, He lifts the
weight off of my head and my shoulders, and finally, He clears all of the
debris from around me and lifts me back onto my feet. The Lord restores my

This is also what He desires for us to do with each other; God wants each of us to be
committed lovers of people. He wants us to trust and to believe in His love for
us and for everyone else, too. Then, Christ wants us to carry the peace that He
has planted in our hearts into our relational lives. In this way we will demonstrate
Christ’s sacrificial love to all. When you come upon a scene where someone is
trapped beneath a mountain slide of guilt, pain, and loss, Christ wants to help
you lift the boulders off of that person’s heart. Who do you know who needs you
to bring to him or her the peace and reassurance of the imperishable
nature of the love of Christ today?