Walk in love, just as Christ also loved you, and gave Himself up for us, an offering
and a sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma.

Ephesians 5: 2

The bottles are beautiful and eye-catching, obviously designed by very skillful
professionals; the packaging is striking and the names provocative; and the
aromas tantalize and stimulate the senses; yet, the perfume in the bottle wears
off and even goes stale if left for too long. We go to our favorite store and
shop carefully for just the right expression of our love and devotion, and the
gift is usually highly appreciated for a moment or two, but it will soon become
just another item that is used as a part of a daily routine.

The fragrance, the all-penetrating mist, of the loving sacrifice that Jesus made
for me is totally different. It clings to my heart like the softest of satin;
it is an aroma that doesn’t wash off for it comes from inside and permeates my
being. Rather than losing potency over time, Christ grows ever stronger in the hearts
of His beloved ones, for as we trust Him and have faith in His direction, we
gain the empowerment of the Creator of all. As I look at Jesus, His beauty and
appeal becomes greater, and the closer I get to Him and as I spend more
time with Him, His infinite glory transforms me into an ever more
beautiful person.

Christ wants us to live with His aroma on us, and He wants us to go about our lives
with it radiating off of us. We should be a bit like those women and men who we
encounter in department stores walking through the customers asking people to
try various fragrances. They wear the fragrance that they are demonstrating;
they approach people asking them to try it, explaining its qualities; and they
exhibit the character and the nature of the fragrance through their appearance
and their actions. All of this is done for a perishable product; yet, all of
our lives should be lived for an eternal one. As we go through the day, we need
to reflect on the love that gives all for us so that we can give our hearts
fully to Christ by loving those around us well. Pray with me that God will make
us into a people who turn heads as others smell the wondrous aroma of love that
comes from our hearts.