The Lord God has given me the tongue of those who are taught, that I may know how
to sustain with a word him who is weary.

Morning by morning He awakens; He awakens my ear to hear as those who are taught.

Isaiah 50: 4

God provides us with clearly established, excellent models to follow. He has spoken
through people who were willing to listen and who then recorded the truths that
they heard. The Lord directs us to read, to consider what we read, to listen to
His voice speaking from the pages, and to act upon those truths. One of the
primary actions that He calls upon us to undertake is the one in which we seek
to point exhausted people toward the sustaining energy that is found through
knowing Christ. Not everyone is made weary by the same situations and not
everyone is worn down by the same concerns; as people we are highly diverse and
a truly complex. That is why the word of God is also richly layered and covers
everything that can occur in life.

God’s directive to me is to know Him well, and this is accomplished, in part, through
knowing His word well. The first aspect of this knowing is the desire to
explore it; then, I need a willingness to be impacted, to be changed, by
what I discover. Every day God speaks to me, and He tells me of His
wonders, and He shows me where I am needed. God’s word provides the answers to
these needs, and it never fails to speak to an open and a willing heart. Some
of these are words of encouragement to just continue on for one more minute or
even another hour. Some of His words provide me with a direction to go or a
insight into a decision that needs to be made. All of His word testifies to
God’s unending and undeniable love for me.

My own weariness, exhaustion, and anxiety are answered by the perfect counsel of the
Lord. There is an almost mystical sort of strength that comes from Him and into
me, and this strength is more than is needed to face into the challenges that
are confronting me today. Christ directs me to take what I have learned and to
pass it on to others. This is often done by simply caring for them and about
their needs. It always involves loving others in a manner that provides a real
and a tangible presence of Christ into the world. God desires for us to be
energized and to be energizers. He leads us toward a life that is lived in a
manner that is itself worship of our Lord.