Oh, grant us help against the foe, for vain is the salvation of man!

With God we shall do valiantly; it is He who will tread down our foes.

Psalm 60: 11, 12

Each of us faces a group of enemies every day of our lives; some come at us directly and
some are covert, but they do exist. There are issues with people that are long
term and constant, and there are situations that arise where conflict comes
into play. We also face the enemy of finances and of job insecurity, of illness
and death, and of close relationships that are damaged or broken. Often the
toughest enemy is hiding out inside of our own minds and hearts; we are at war
with ourselves over the direction that we want to go in life and the
one in which we find ourselves traveling.

It doesn’t matter whether the apparent struggle is with people or with situations or with
ourselves, if we take on the fight by using our own best efforts, even if we
are masterful strategic planners and superb tacticians, we will lose. There may
be short-term, momentary victories, but the final result won’t be good. This is
especially true when the battle is engaged with our own internal issues. The
simple fact is that the real fight is with forces and powers that exist in the
spiritual world, and this is the place where God alone can wage a totally
effective campaign.

Christ promises success to us, and He has already proven that He is the victor. Now He
wants to see us come out at the end of the day with a win on our scorecard.
This is where it is necessary to consult God’s game plan for life; this is
where seeking His calming strength and perfect peace of the heart are vital
starting places for combat. God’s word provides great insights into how to deal
with everything, the Spirit of Christ speaks to our hearts with truth and with
encouragement, and the Lord brings people into our lives who will join us in
our personal fight. Christ’s help and His victory are available for every
conflict and struggle. He asks us to trust Him and to turn to Him. What is on
your heart and what struggle are you facing today? The Lord will join the
fight, and He will bring all of the resources that are required for the