You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.

Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.

Isaiah 26: 3, 4

How many aspects of your life can you describe as perfect? Tough question, isn’t it?
Most of us, when honestly considering something like this, won’t come
up with much that doesn’t have some flaws, an aspect that falls short, or
some way that we throw the balance and the symmetry off. I guess that, in fact,
this lack of true perfection is one of the ways that God reminds us of how much
we need Him and of what a mess that people have made of what started out as

Solid, unchanging, imperishable, and trustworthy, these describe the Lord; concerned,
caring, involved, and loving, these also describe Him. God’s viewpoint is the
only one that is not obscured by the smoke and the dust and the clutter of
living in this world. God’s perspective is the only one that is totally without
a self-serving aspect. Jesus proved His total trustworthiness continually
while He lived with us, and since then the Spirit of Christ has never
failed to do the same.

Peace, perfect peace, is a wonderful state to desire. It is a quality of the
heart and of the mind where there is a wonderful balance. It is not a blissed
out state where all of the issues and challenges of life are ignored, and it is
certainly not an approach in which I take total control and use my own strength
to drive my way through everything. It is achieved through staying focused on
God’s will and seeking His perspective. God’s peace is found in
the heart and it radiates through the mind to the rest of the body. It calms
the racing heart and it stills the anxious moment. Perfect peace is founded
upon trusting that the Lord has all of the answers for me, that His love
for me is absolute, and that He will not let me fall.

Before things start to get out of control with stress and anxiety increasing, I need
to spend time focusing on Christ and seeking His will and His orientation
for my mind and my heart. Then when the events of the day start to get
worrisome, I can stop the troubled thoughts and take the time that I need
to let the Lord’s peace return.