Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.

1 John 3: 18

Expressing how we feel about people is often much easier done through our words than
through our actions. The words can be totally sincere and come from deep within
us, but if they are not followed by tangible demonstration, they are empty and
sometimes actually hurtful. We have all known people who speak about great
intentions and express wonderful thoughts regarding commitment; yet, they continually
fail to deliver on those words. Many of us can also recall times when we have
been the unreliable party.

In my experience with God, He has never failed to follow through. When the Lord makes
a promise and tells me that He will do something, He delivers. This is especially
true when He tells me that His love for me is without bounds and is unlimited, for
He demonstrates His love continually. I am cared about and cared for; I am
made whole and made holy; and the Spirit of Christ stays with me through every
moment of every day. God is totally true to His word.

Jesus has demonstrated for us what relationships should look like; because, He is the model
for words of love that are turned into life expression of it. God’s consistent
follow through on His promises to me in conjunction with His loving
honesty are the demonstration of His absolute love for me. Christ wants
something really simple from me in return; He wants me to extend the same type
of expression of love to others. He wants me to show to people the difference
that my relationship with Christ has made in me by the way that I actually
engage them with honest and loving connection to their lives.

There is no better day than this one to show someone the love of Christ by the way that
you treat them. This is the time to honestly care for others in the same manner
as Christ honestly cares for you. God’s loving presence in your life
will bring light and joy into the lives of others when you love them
with caring words of encouragement and with honest and real actions.