Rejoice in the Lord always; again, I will say, rejoice.

Philippians 4: 4

God gives some really odd instructions, for if you consider the timing that He attaches to the direction to rejoice; God is saying that we should be joyous during the very hardest of times and the very worst of experiences. This is really not how I feel about these situations; this is not even close to how I am inclined to react to them, either. Still, the Lord tells me to rejoice always, and He never directs me to do something that He knows is impossible.

God is the master of the possible and the champion of successful living; He directs us toward winning attitudes and into desirable outcomes; so, He never tells us to do something that He can’t or that He won’t take us all the way through. The key to doing this sort of living is found in where we place our trust and on whom we focus our attention. It is also important to anticipate the best, for that is truly God’s desire and His will for us.

No matter what challenges are ahead, regardless of how hard and stress-filled today promises to be, and without concern for what others may think, plan to do the wildly improbable and the crazy thing by facing the day with a heart that is bouncing with the joy of your relationship with Christ filling every moment. Start, continue, and finish the journey through today with outrageous laughter and the widest of smiles. The presence of the Lord in your life is a source of rejoicing that can not be suppressed and will not be broken